Saturday, 24 May 2014

We want to cover Le Tour for CyclingTips


We are Mark and Tom - two mates who like cycling, food & wine, going on tour and having fun.
Although we are both pursuing our own separate careers (which are, sadly, a far cry from the world of professional cycling), we have both recently found ourselves in a fortuitous state of temporary unemployment.

Marky Mark

Tommy Tom

What to do with such time on our hands? Obviously plenty of long bike rides, gourmet meals and trips to the Hunter Valley are on the cards. But imagine how happy we were to discover that CyclingTips is offering two people the chance to score the ultimate job: reporting from the Tour de France.

"We've found our calling!" we cried in unison.

We've created this blog to show the good people at CyclingTips that we're the guys for the job. Between the two of us we've spent over three years leading tours through Europe and many weeks cycle-touring through Australia and New Zealand. Together, we have just what it takes to show the readers of CyclingTips how much fun can be had on a cycling trip through France in July.

We'll be posting daily with photos, videos and stories about our cycling escapades here in Sydney, as well as giving you all a bit of background about ourselves, why we're the perfect people for the job and how we intend to cover Le Tour.

You can also follow us on Twitter @MarkTomTDF.

Keep pedalling!


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